Gerry Goffin penned dozens of top 40 hits like “Will You Love

And news this morning that one of Americans most prolific pop lyricist has died. Gerry Goffin penned dozens of top 40 hits like “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” and “Up On The Roof,” many of them co written with his then wife, Carole King. He was 75. I with you idk what it is but I just don like it the taste the texture. Even though my wife asks me to cook it for her because I do it so well I guess? I think she just lazy but touching it to cook when it raw like that disgusts me I have to use gloves or pick it up with tongs or something. I have only ever been okay with it once and it was completely overpowered in the food it was in so it wasn that I was okay with it I just didn know it was there really..

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