Ayushman Bharat may help patients access life

‘We have often heard the mythical argument that patents block access to canada goose jacket outlet life saving drugs, but only 5% of medicines from multinational companies are under patent protection in India.’

Canada Goose Parka ‘Where these patented products are beyond the reach of Indian patients, the companies have programmes to facilitate access to their drugs, for free or for a fraction of the canada goose outlet price,’ points out Ranjana Smetacek, former director general, Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose store Two years ago, the Union canada goose outlet edmonton Cabinet approved a new intellectual property rights (IPR) policy that was to draw up the road map for intellectual property protection in India. canada goose store

The objective was to unveil a ‘Creative India, Innovative India’.

canada goose uk outlet The initiative envisioned an canada goose outlet official India where creativity and innovation would be incentivised by IPR for the benefit of all. canada goose uk outlet

It canada goose outlet in toronto envisioned advancements across science and technology, arts and culture, traditional knowledge and https://www.winterdownparkas.com modern technology.

It envisioned a nation where knowledge would drive development and knowledge owned would eventually become knowledge shared.

This is a lofty and admirable vision, but where are we on realising it?

Most certainly, the national IPR policy was also intended to create a robust IP regime as a critical canada goose outlet online uk step towards a canada goose uk site stronger and more competitive economy.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale It was meant to ‘nurture the IP culture and address all facets of the IP system including legal, administrative and enforcement infrastructure, human resources, institutional support system and international dimensions’. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

buy canada goose jacket It was ultimately meant to bring about an IP environment that would ‘foster predictability, clarity and transparency in the entire IP regime in order to provide a secure and stable climate for stimulating inventions and creations’. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose uk black friday We have taken actions to increase public awareness, commissioned technology and innovation support centres, and instituted training programmes in several states. canada goose uk black friday

However, there is much we still need to do: Strengthening the legislative framework to respect intellectual property; improving the enforcement and adjudicatory mechanisms that deal with infringements; supporting the generation and commercialisation of innovation; developing human capital to bolster our capacity for research canada goose outlet belgium and skill building.

It is important that we recognise IP as a value creator for India, a nation with consistent growth, a highly educated workforce and established research institutions.

canadian goose jacket To extend Make in India to ‘Develop in India’ and ‘Innovate in India’, we must build the country’s capability for innovation through IP creation, protection, and commercialisation. canadian goose jacket

A robust IP environment will certainly have a positive impact on the Indian economy and encourage foreign direct investment.

In the pharmaceutical sector, we need canada goose outlet kokemuksia a holistic approach that balances the need canada goose outlet black friday sale for innovation with the necessity for more accessible medicines, within a robust IP environment.

There are still numerous unmet medical needs in numerous areas of medicine and, canada goose outlet jackets without patent protection, research would come to a halt.

Canada Goose Outlet There is no question that we must work towards increasing access to medicines, but there must be a return on investment for innovators to justify investing in new medicines. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Jackets The protection of intellectual property will help bring new solutions for treating patients suffering from critical and rare diseases and new medicines to canada goose outlet orlando save and improve lives. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose factory sale We have often heard the mythical argument that patents block access to life saving drugs, but only five per cent of medicines from multinational companies are under patent protection in India. canada goose factory sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap Where these patented products are beyond the reach of Indian patients, the companies have programmes to facilitate access to their drugs, for free or for a fraction of the price. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose online The biggest barrier to access is the inability to pay out of pocket and the canada goose outlet locations in toronto lack of insurance cover. Canada Goose online

In this context, the Ayushman Bharat initiative is truly commendable, with its ambitious National Health Protection Scheme that intends meaningful health canada goose outlet canada insurance cover for the 40 per cent of India’s population most in need.

State governments and the pharmaceutical industry could work together canada goose outlet online store review on effective drug procurement and distribution models, to meet health care goals and help address the challenges of health canada goose outlet hong kong care access in India.

uk canada goose Pro innovation policies and increased access to medicines can go hand in hand for the benefit of patients. uk canada goose

canada goose black friday sale A canada goose jacket outlet uk thoughtful assessment of the IP canada goose outlet mississauga system needs to be made and legal flexibilities used canada goose outlet in usa judiciously, for humanitarian non commercial use in treating diseases that are epidemic or communicable, with compulsory licensing being invoked only as a rare exception in rare circumstances canada goose black friday sale.

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