” (Not all science is hard, folks

5 Shocking Ways Social Media Trends Can Predict Catastrophes

For example: While the OSC couldn’t identify exactly when an uprising would occur in Egypt, Doug Naquin, the center’s director, did successfully use the system to predict that “social media in places like Egypt could be a game changer and a threat to the regime.” Sound familiar? canada goose outlet store toronto That was back in 2011. Surely you remember how that turned out: Something big happened and you turned canada goose outlet store uk your avatar green for two days, before replacing it with, like, a really cute selfie.”Sorry, ‘Arab Spring,’ but I’ve got canada goose outlet sale ‘Kony 2012’ to slacktivise.”How Many Psychopaths Are Among Us”Sure, take the blender’s side.”No, but seriously, after analyzing the canada goose outlet toronto location speech and texts of 14 psychopathic canada goose outlet buffalo and 38 non psychopathic murderers, it canada goose victoria parka outlet was found that psychopaths are more likely to use filler words like https://www.canadagoose-jackets-online.com “um,” are more likely to use cause and effect words like “because,” and canada goose jacket outlet uk are less likely to make mention of religion or family. Because uh. um. oh, canada goose outlet uk right: It signifies their emotional detachment from society or whatever.”Of course I avoid bringing up God. No one likes it when someone talks about themselves.”The study was then canada goose outlet washington dc applied to Twitter: a bottomless online pit of rage, narcissism, and delusion. Surprise! They found psychopaths.Over 3,000 Twitter users allowed their tweets to be examined via a personality canada goose outlet hong kong test that classified their tweets with three traits: psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism. As an added incentive (like anybody needs more reward than “find out if you’re a Twitter psycho!”), one lucky participant would be given an iPad, because sane or not, everyone needs canada goose outlet vancouver their Candy Crush fix.Based purely on their tweets, 41 users were classified as legitimate psychopaths. The real shocker here isn’t that, according canada goose outlet uk fake to reason and logic, some people on Twitter be crazy we could have clicked on pretty much any Trending Topic and told you that. The shocker was that most canada goose outlet real of those 41 results were later confirmed as possible psychopaths by more rigorous and reputable follow up canada goose outlet new york testing. You know what that means? Just glancing at somebody’s Twitter feed and saying “sounds like a psycho” seems to be an actual viable method of diagnosis.”It’s almost as good of a filter as ‘nice guy.'”they would assign that tweet a label like “anxious” or “lucky it was only one.” (Not all science is hard, folks.) canada goose stockists uk But by using this simple method, researchers found that they could predict something as dramatic as an increase in the unemployment rate. Sounds a little abstract, doesn’t it? You could look out your window right now and predict canada goose factory outlet toronto location an unemployment rate hike based on the number of hobos canada goose factory outlet vancouver fighting over your recycling. Eventually, you would be proven right. But canada goose outlet here’s the crazy canada goose outlet germany part: The system predicted that a rate hike would come to pass in four months. Pretty narrow window, right?Now, to be clear, these weren’t just people specifically talking about their work or bank accounts. Anything income, budget, or job related in the slightest was counted and quantified, and using nothing more than the information we accidentally spill out for fun on the Internet, scientists were able to calculate when we would lose our jobs to within a financial quarter.

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